I run lots of different workshops for groups. You could have a specific end piece of work in mind or just want to make something fun with a group of friends. I have done lots of project with schools and community groups and will taylor the workshop to suit your needs. The end could be an individual piece that each person can take home after firing or be part of a larger piece of artwork to be placed somewhere. The following are some of the project I can run.

GLASS TILE WORKSHOP - The costs are £120.00 for an individual session to £200.00 for a full day ( where I can teach several groups). The tiles are either 140x140mm charged at £6.00 per tile or 100x100mm charged at £4.00 per tile  made.

This is a great workshop for children from 6 years+ and grown ups. We can run this workshop for groups up to 30 at a time (with a little help for teachers or guardians)The workshop usually takes between 1  to 2 hours with some extra time to prepare and clean up before and afterwards.This workshop is great for absolute beginners and abilities. For group of up to 15 we can use our studio. For larger groups I find this is a great workshop to run from your school or community centre.

In the workshop you will either design a pattern or use one that we can provide. Colour the pattern in, then spoon different coloured crushed glasses, enamel paints and metal inclusions on the the glass tile to create you image. Another glass tile is then placed on the top to create a glass sandwich. The tiles can then be taken back to our studio for firing and then can be collected about two weeks later.

FUSED GLASS CLOCK PROJECT ( GREAT FOR BIRTHDAYS ) - The costs are £100.00 for a two hour session plus £12.00 per clock made. Ideal for groups of 6-12 people. This is a great party idea for ages 6+ (with some guardians staying to help) and also great for grown ups too!

In the two hours you will design your clock, sized 145x285mm, colour your pattern in, a glass tile will then be placed on your pattern and you will spoon different coloured crushed glass on, add enamel paints and metal inclusions to create your design. Another piece of glass will be added on to create a glass sandwich. These will then be fired in the kiln and a hole drilled in to add the clock movement (WE NOW HAVE NON TICKING MOVEMENTS so no annoying ticking in your bedrooms). Halfway through the session you can stop for a lunch or tea provided by yourselves…bring your cake and candles if its for a birthday.Your clocks will be fired and ready approximately two weeks after the workshop.