8. Fused glass sculpture project

This is a two day or one and a half day project to create fused glass sculptures.

This project can be run from my studio or I can come and run it in your school or community centre.

The costs are £300.00 for two days or £230.00 for a day and a half plus £10.00 per sculpture made.

One the first day the project involves designing a pattern using textures and rubbings,

recreating this pattern in clay and making a mould of the clay negative in plaster of paris.

On the second day the moulds will be cleaned up and filled with crushed and cut glass. These will then be fired in the kiln to create individual fused glass trophies.

The final have been used as awards for the end of a school year, been made into an installation for your school or community centre or for individuals to take home.