TRIPLE GLAZing your windows

Energy efficiency and safety are foremost when you are restoring your property or building a new extension or house.

This does not mean that you cannot retain your existing leaded lights or have a new decorative stained glass installed in your house.

We triple glaze old and new leaded panels to fit into your new frames, we also replace existing clear glazing with a new triple glazed unit containing a stained glass window. We use toughened or laminated glass, depending on the building regulation requirements and use planitherm glass for energy efficiency.

So, if you are thinking of changing your old window frames and have existing leaded lights you would like to keep, or you would like to commission a new stained glass window, we can help.

We can liase with the company responsible for your new frame, to make sure the details, sizes and depth of your new frame is suitable. Whether you are having a UPVC, wooden or aluminium frame, we will restore, re-size, make new and triple glaze your panels so they will fit into your new frames.

The minimum depth we can make the triple glazed unit is 20mm and then upwards from there.